Link Gmail to Outlook Live

MU is shifting its e-mail accounts to Microsoft Outlook
Live by fall. You can actually register an account now (see below). So
how to you link that new account to your Gmail, you ask? Read on (and
e-mail any questions/problems):

1. Set up your new Outlook Live account. Try this site: If you’re signing up using a Firefox-based browser at MU, you might need get a security certificate exception error, fellow Geeky Journalist Rob Weir says. In an e-mail, Rob wrote that “MU uses self-signed certificates, rather than third-party ones, which causes your browser to error out. If you click the “add an exception” link you can continue with registration just fine.”

2. Once you’ve got your new account, go into Gmail and click the
“Settings” link at the top-right corner of the page.

3. From here, click “Accounts.” Move your mouse down a bit to the
section titled “Get mail from other accounts,” and then click the link
that says “Add a mail account you own.”

4. You’ll need to enter some facts and figures about your account. Bear in mind that at least for students, there’s an
important mizzou/missouri distinction. = actual account name = username for logging into said account

5. Here are some data items to enter when you’re linking your Outlook
account to your Gmail account:

E-mail address: should say
Username: should say
Password: this is the password you use to access your university account
POP Server:
Port: 995
Check the box that says “Always use a secure connection (SSL) when
retrieving mail”

There should be a button that says “Add this account,” or something to
that effect, and if you’ve followed these steps, I think you should be
OK. Gmail will think for a minute, the popup window will disappear,
and you’ll then be able to go back to that original Accounts page,
where you’ll see that your new account has been added, and Gmail is
scanning it regularly for mail.

You can also click “Add another email address you own,” also on the
Accounts page, to send mail under the label of your university
account. Here are the steps:

1. Basically, you enter the e-mail address
and press a few buttons to save your changes. You can also choose to
make that your default address using a link on the Accounts page.


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