THE DROID DIARIES: Apps I’m currently missing from my iPod Touch

I’m surprised I can’t find these in the Droid market, but here is a list of some of my favorite iPod Touch/iPhone apps that I currently can’t find:

  • ESPN ScoreCenter. Seriously, nothing from the Worldwide Leader for the Droid? There are a few third-party downloads, but they’re nothing compared to the iPod app.
  • LinkedIn. The iPod app is so stylish and easy to use, I started actually looking at LinkedIn as more than just a resume site. Nothing so far for Droid, though I found one third-party app that by far pales in comparison.
  • Tweetdeck. Nothing from my former favorite mobile Twitter client. But I’ve found a great substitute in Seesmic.
  • Calendar. I covered this in the last Droid Diaries, but I still don’t have a good solution for my calendar problem.

There are also several “fun” apps that I can’t find:

  • PW Torch. It’s a good source for professional wrestling news.
  • AllRecipes. Good source for dinner ideas.
  • Chipotle order app. Dear Chiptole: Droid users love your delicious burritos too. Make it fun for us to order and you won’t be disappointed.

But other than that, I really am enjoying the Droid much more than the iPod Touch for one simple reason: 3G. Being able to access the Internet anywhere is a huge plus for me.


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